Sunday, March 3, 2013

Meeting my Superheroes!


It was a great weekend for me because I get to meet and greet my superheroes in the financial world and they are my financial mentors.

First up is Benedict Hernandez, Accenture president. He has inspire me a lot. Learned how you can make employees think like an entrepreneur inside a company. Not to mention that his very own journey is truly remarkable and inspiring. He is one of the people responsible in starting Smart communication when the Philippines telecommunication is being driven by only one company, PLDT. Their company started the revolution in the telco industry leading to what we have right now, a healthy competition among telco companies having us, the end user getting much of the benefits. After telco, he then move to another start up business during that time eTelecare, the first ever call center/BPO Company in the country, they started during the time when call center is not even on the Filipino language, it was an amazing story and we all know that the rest is history. Right now Filipino’s are well known around the world in the field of Call center delivering outstanding services to their clients worldwide. Currently he is the president of Accenture, an IT/BPO company and he is pioneering the growth in this industry particularly in the Finance and Accounting outsourcing services.

Here are the four values one should have to grow a superhero career:

  1. Passion & Purpose, “Inexhaustible energy”
  2. Involvement, “This is my company and I make a difference”
  3. Humility, “Trust the experience and wisdom of your front liners”
  4. Shared Responsibility, “We sink and swim together”

I also enjoy and learn a lot on their interview set up portion where a host interviews successful people in particular field. You’ll be able to pick up very good values and learning in their very own stories of success.

It starts off with very young successful real estate superheroes; Ronald Cagape and Maves Angeles being interviewed by Doctor Rich himself Larry Gamboa.

They were followed by Catering crusader, Steve Tamayo of Tamayo Catering and Millionaire repairman Charlie Fernando of Clix. Their stories on how their job prepares them for their business are another source of inspiration for everyone. I love the jolly personality of Steve Tamayo and his rags to riches journey is a great statement of passion and persistence.

Next up was my favorite, Edward Lee of COL Financial; he was one of my early mentors and the one who introduce me to the world of stock market investing. His early beginning has never fails to inspire me every time he tells his story. And his strategy on smart investing is truly powerful and a great wealth multiplier over the long term.

Bo Sanchez, then take center stage and shares about competence, cash know, being a little crazy and having Christ as the center of our life and business. Including the two phases of entrepreneurship the first one is trying out everything that interest you then moving to the second phase where we narrow down our interest until we found our perfect niche and become the best in that field or niche.

Another interview session follows with the Generics pharmacy and Mang Inasal successful franchisee Emily Carpio and Boy Manguerra, as they share the ins and outs of franchising including the trials and success in their franchising business.

Next up is another interview session with the people very close to my heart, as their field of expertise is where I have my passion. Internet!

Hosted by Jomar Hilario my internet marketing mentor, who teaches me and get me to start earning real money online. The guest are Paolo Abadesco, programming expert, Sha Nacino, ebook writer and my favorite and also my mentor 22 years old the Radical Millionaire Jan Hilado, I get to meet and chit chat with my two internet superheroes even before they were on stage and it was an unforgettable experience getting to shake their hands once again. This is also the first time I met Jan since he is based on Cebu.

Then the business giants take center stage beginning with Edward Lee of Col Financial, Junie Toreja, Toreja Corp., Ronnie Siasayco, Trion and Randy Manaloto of Citydorms Corp., hosted by the Dean itself Dean Pax Lapid of AIM. Their wisdom in life and business explains how they have built giant businesses.


Finally, Rex Mendoza and if you know him you could probably agree that this guy is really the best if not one the greatest Filipino when it comes to becoming a successful employee, entrepreneur and investor all rolled into one. His life story is a sales script in itself, no wonder he has turn around Philam and made it the fastest growing insurance company in the country. He is the most dynamic and inspiring financial superhero today. And the next time he stands on stage, forget everything else-you would not want to miss a word he said.

Here is his final words, "Use pressure to your advantage, stress will break you. Eustress (good stress) will push you. Love, Live & Work with PASSION!

During breaks I also get to network with other wealth minded individuals and even got to share my passion in trading particularly forex trading together with the blog I'm working on Overall it was truly an amazing weekend with my financial superheroes and already looking forward to being on the next Wealth Summit in 2014.

All these experience was made possible by another internet superhero in my life, Manny Viloria, thank you very much and more success to you!


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