Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stock Market? sounds Greek to me...

Do you find the stock market too technical for you?

Let me share with you how I started trading the Philippine Stock Market (PSE), before I use to read the business section, the stock market section of a newspaper (of course after reading the sports & entertainment news) and still didn't have a clue what it is. Then in 2005 I started researching more about the stock market  and slowly understand what those numbers are, what's the PSE index the open, high, low closing price, what you need to start trading and many other thing on how to get started. What is missing at that time for me is a broker and since I've focus myself enough that I'm dead serious to trade the PSE, the broker comes to me, I've read in a newspaper about this online stock broker who offers free introductory seminar on how to trade the stock market. I've wasted no time and register to their free seminar that week and the rest is history.

Since then I've always make it a point to share to people this wonderful vehicle for wealth accumulation.

I have in one way or another teach two of my current officemate how to invest in stock market. If I have a chance I share with them tips on how and what Company they can look at and trade and I did get the chance to talked to one of them and her profit is really great (better than what she earn previously on her banks products). Also on my previous job I've shared this opportunity to my colleagues and one of them,  now an OFW, has a current return in 3 digit percentage!

And here is my biggest reward in sharing this opportunity to others. My wife is now trading the stock market very profitably. When she opted to be a stay-at-home-mom back in 2007, I started sharing with her my experiences and techniques I've learned in trading the stock market, we attended trainings & seminars and we trade together until she gain the confidence to trade on her own.

Just to show you how one of our account is doing right now, check out the graph below. I have excluded my first two years of trading to show you just her performance.  

MoneyMatters,Stock Market

As of October 2010 it's up by 44%! Around of applause for my wife!

Did I get you excited in learning more about the stock market? Would appreciate if you can post your comments for I'm setting up a Money Matters session (webinar) where we will discuss in more details how you can get started trading/investing in the stock market.

Watch out for the webinar invite on this blog, subscribe to this blog to keep you updated.
Next up, learn a specific stock market strategy you can use once you are all set to trade the stock market.


  1. panu po ba mgstart sa trading

  2. Hi, Can you help us to get in to this trade? salamat po ng madami po..

  3. Thank you for posting comments, watch out for the upcoming webinar on how to start trading the stock market.

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