Friday, April 6, 2012

When it rains it pours!

When it rains, it pours!

It is true that when it rains, it pours! I recently got into a streak of money making. I've been doing Internet marketing for some time now, creating adsense blogs and website, creating FB pages, doing online affiliate marketing, promoted CPA offers, have virtual assistance and article writing online gig are some of my online activities. I've also share these things to my friends and one of my friend even got a regular article writing gig. One of the thing you will learn when you have a website is SEO, search engine optimization, it's how you get traffic or people visiting your website. I learned this from Jomar Hilario and Adam Short of Niche Profit Classroom and also by doing a research online.

One morning I decided to take my family for a swim at a near by resort and I tell you it brought me ideas on how to expand and take my online activities to be a real online business. Just after that wonderful day with my family, this new online business idea is born in my mind. I immediately lay down the ground works and start asking people about my ideas, talked to people already on this business and will soon talk to prospected client. While working and testing this idea, a friend of mine now situated in Australia send me a message in facebook and he is using his company name as his profile on FB, since I have a few FB pages (Jomar Hilario teach me how to do this) he thinks I'm good with Internet marketing, I immediately offer to help him increase traffic on his website which is selling gadgets online and he agrees. I know I can charge a higher rate but decided to charge $100 to do SEO. What follows after this is incredible, I got my first sale at  Clickbank and it is enough for Clickbank to draw and send me a check amounting to $116 and this is from my latest affiliate site The Power of Unconscious Mind which I personally bought (the product) some time ago and was very happy with the product I decided to share it to others by promoting it. Next I got a new article writing gig in oDesk, the rate was not attractive but since I will write on one of my favorite topics forex and stock trading I gladly accepted, he even find my first article to be great. I don't know but I already felt that these are signs to finally quit my full time job but the most unexpected thing happened I got promoted in my job which almost double my current salary! This is even the first time our company make this kind of promotion, the promotion process took a very unbelievable route to get approved. I was personally waiting for this 2 years ago and I always believe that I will get it. It did not surprised me because I was already expecting but the timing is just perfect and truly unbelievable. 

When I looked back to all these never ending blessing I found a pattern.

  1. Focus on helping others and to over deliver beyond their expectation and the MONEY will surely follow no matter if you want or not, the money will truly run after you.
  2. Before any of these started I increased my tithe and we truly cannot out give HIM.
  3. Always find time to enjoy life with your family and love ones. For me it all started from a quick get away to have fun with my family.
  4. Be Grateful and thankful everyday.
  5. Keep the FAITH.
I wrote this to give inspiration to anyone who might need it. If I inspire just one person for this post it already serves its purpose. Appreciate your feedback. See you at the top! (as my mentor use to end his

God Bless! 


  1. Hi Elmer,
    Congrats bro on your online venture. More success to come. You deserve a lot bro, keep helping and sharing.

    See you at the top too,
    Red @ Virtual Business Matters Philippines

    1. Thanks Red, you are one of the people who inspires me in what I do.

  2. Always be Grateful! And Yes Tithes makes a great difference. More success to you bro!

  3. Congrats Elmer, more unlimited income to come..

    Empowering lives,

    Rafael Davis III

  4. Inspiring. Give first, before receive, that is the only way. C: More success and have more fun!

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