Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Christmas BONUS is just around the corner

Before I give you the final summary of TRQ 2.0 seminar, let me talk about the BIG money that's we're expecting  this time of the year, Christmas bonus, 13th month pay, 14th month pay call it what you like, this is money everyone is looking forward to.

Do you already have it planned out how you are going to use/spend this money?
According to Robert Kiyosaki famous author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, on his Cashflow Quadrant book that the poor, the middle class and the wealthy has it's own spending habits. Based on your plan on how you will spend your Christmas BONUS, you can tell if you have a poor, middle class or a wealthy spending habits.

1.) Poor – immediately after receiving their income, they spend it for all their needs and if there is something left spend it still. They end up with a lots of stuff in their house even if some of those are not needed.

2.) Middle Class – now this one’s a little different. The middle class thinks that buying something like a house or a car will give them an asset. But according to Rich Dad, “an asset is something that puts money into your pocket.” So they pay the down payment and the monthly dues which in turn becomes a liability because it takes money away from their pocket every month. They thought that they had an asset, but eventually it’s a liability. So the money cycle ends to expenses like in the case of the poor.

3.) Wealthy – After receiving the income, they put it on money generating assets and the profit that they acquire from those assets are the one’s they used for their expenses/liabilities. You can observe that among the three, only the Wealthy has prioritize passive income generating assets. That’s why even if they don’t work, money comes in.

If you want to know more where you can spend your bonus like the wealthy, check this blog regularly, for next post will talk about various money generating assets.

This is what in store for you on the following days.
1. Learn how to invest in the stock market.
2. Learn how to earn passive income from the internet.
3. Learn how to invest in Real Estate (TRQ 2.0 day 2).
4. Is your risk appetite high? Learn Forex Trading (visit this site for advance reading).
5. If you're serious about getting the BIG bucks, learn how to SELL, SELL, SELL!

See you on the next post.


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