Monday, April 25, 2011

TRQ 3.0 is coming!!!

Think Rich Quick seminar by Trace Trajano is happening this weekend April 29 - 30, 2011.

It will be TRQ 3.0 because it's the 3rd time they have done this seminar and I'm lucky to be part of the 2nd run.
Get your tickets now because it's selling fast and you might not be able to get one if you don't act now!!!

Get your tickets here.

You'll learn here not just Real Estate Investing in a Philippine setting but you'll also learn about "Internet Marketing" and "How to have a Millionaire Mind Set" from the best PINOY coaches.

Since TRQ 2.0 I've been applying the principle I've learned from it and have been reaping the rewards. Get ready to learn and earn in TRQ 3.0.

And if you decide to join TRQ 3.0 just send me your ticket confirmation and I'll share with you a very special audio book about the source of "The Secret" movie/book, where you can learn how to get the law of attraction work for you. Get NOW your TRQ 3.0 tickets here. Or go to for more details.

Remember knowledge is not power it's knowledge in action is the REAL POWER! ACT NOW!


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