Monday, November 1, 2010

Valuable things I've learned in TRQ 2.0

It was a jam packed seminar with more than 200 attendees. Started with Trace taking us through the seminars' schedule with a few hint on what is in store for us. He talked about the 5Ms to Millions Formula, which are:

1. Mindset
2. Mastery
3. Management
4. Mentor
5. Marketing

Then we start up with John Calub a well know Pinoy Millionaire Maker and he talked all about mindset.
Here's a few points or should I say secret/revelation he made:

2. Always be with wealthy & successful people!
3. Get out of your familiarity zone!

John will have an upcoming seminar on Nov 12 & 27 titled "Money Magnet" check it out here.

After lunch Trace and his local Real Estate coaches share their knowledge & real life experience about quick turn Real Estate Strategies namely:

1. Rent-to-own
2. Retailing
3. Wholesale
4. Affiliate Real Estate Marketing

Trace also discuss various tools & formula in analyzing real estate deals, we also learned about foreclosure & commercial properties.

And this is just day 1! I'll have day on my next post. Here day 2 Agenda:

Online Marketing by Jomar Hilario
Offline Marketing & Marketing plan
How to find and convince Investors to invest
Property Management
Mentoring & Mastermind

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