Monday, March 7, 2016

Millionaire Mind Intensive Philippines - Experience

Sharing with you my #MMIPH Millionaire Mind Intensive Philippines experience.

It is an exciting 3-day event of the signature seminar & training of T. Harv Eker, author of the famous Secrets of the Millionaire Mind book. Here are the highlights per day!

1st Day

February 26, Friday is the first day. The venue is jam packed with people eager to learn. VIP seats are full same with the General admission. It was a sold out event!

Lead trainer is Rob Riopel started the day with money association exercise. Try it for yourself, complete the sentence with the first thing that comes to your mind.

1. Money is...
2. Money is...
3. Money is...
4. Wealth is...
5. Wealth is...
6. Rich people are...
7. Rich people are...

and a bunch of money belief questions.

Next is winning the money game. Definition of Financial Freedom. FF = Passive income > Expenses.

2 Types of passive income.
1. Investment Passive Income
2. Business Passive Income

Expanding Financial Freedom meaning to: FF = working income + savings + investments + passive income + SIMPLIFY

Then come the world's simplest, easiest and most effective Money Management Method. the Jar system.

The whole afternoon is all about belief system. With a highlight activity in the evening. This activity has brought a lot of clarity to me particularly on my money belief system. Amazing day 1!

2nd Day

Is another amazing day. As we learn how to do daily VAKS, Visual, Auditory, Kinetics and Spirit. Including money declarations.Learned to be grateful for every money that comes our ways particularly, surprisingly even the small ones. We end the night with a game about Savers, Avoiders, Spenders and Monks money personality.

3rd Day

Excited for the last day. Morning is all about releasing believes that are not supporting our life. Slow and silent we inquire within using meditation.

The afternoon is the best as we do Arrow breaking!

This activity is the best and truly an amazing experience. The rest of the afternoon is all about celebrations.

It's truly a world class experience. Excited to invite my family and friends to the next Millionaire Mind Intensive here in the Philippines.

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