Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How much can I really earned in the stock market?

A 50% gain / earning in a day in stock market is just a bonus and do not happen everyday (we''ll take it anytime the opportunity present it self). Here is another way to look at how much you can earned in the stock market.

You know by now that you do not need too much money to get started in stock market and your investment going ceiling do not happen everyday, so how much could my money earned overtime?

I will give you an example; let us say you found out that your near by retail/wholesale store Puregold will now be listed in the Philippine Stock Market starting October 2011 and because you believe on the strong growth potential of this company, you decided to invest on a regular basis a minimum board lot for Puregold starting November 2011.

Then, every end of the month you started buying 100 shares (minimum board lot) of Puregold starting on October 2011 and you did this for the next 12 months/ 1 year until September 2012.

After one year on October 2012 your total investment amounted to P26,598 and the market value of your investment in PGOLD has grown to P35,940.00 giving you a gained of P9,342.00 or 35% gained on your total investment.

And after another year on October 2013 without putting any additional investment your investment market value has grown to P54,120.00 giving you a whooping gain of P27,522.00 or 103% gained on your total investment, this is conservatively doubling your money in a year.

Your average monthly investment from October 2011 to September 2012 is only P2,216.50, imagine if you can afford more than that every month.

Do not get me wrong there is risk involve in the stock market and it requires proper risk and money management to be successful. Proper education is one of the key to successfully managed your risk and investment.

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