Monday, November 15, 2010

Knowledge is not POWER!

We've learned that knowledge is not power, it's only potential power and the way to transform knowledge to power is through ACTION!

Let me share with how a recent event (last Saturday) where a high school friend of mine got a P4,000 worth of seminar FREE!

As you all know this blog goals is to share with you ways to learn and earn money. We have here free valuable ebooks, broker's report, articles, step by step guide, also different seminars and trainings where you can learn ways to earn money, some are free some have fees (“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance” by Derek Bok).

A high school friend of mine sent a message in facebook (add me) after reading some articles I've posted here, facebook wall and events and here is his message :

                 "Elmer, I think we have something in common. I just recently got hooked on Forex and I am looking
                  forward to discuss this with you since you've been into this for some time as I've looked into your 
                  FB account. Honestly, I'm a newbie and if you can impart your experience on trading it would be much

I replied by sending him the link to the training post here where it mentioned to contact the organizer of the seminar if they can still accommodate attendees but he did not get a chance to do that. Instead he went directly to the venue (Makati Shangri-la Hotel) and saw me while we're having our first training break in the morning this is around 10am (seminars starts at 8:30am). 

He told me about his interest (I feel it's more of a desire) to learn Forex trading, I told him the seminars has started and if you still want to join and have not registered this will cost you P4k, he insisted we give it a shot if he can still be accommodated for FREE. I told him ok, I'll introduce you.

And it's like magic, I told the organizers:

                  "Here's a friend of mine who would like to learn about forex but did not get the chance to register
                   for this event, can we accommodate him?"

And the answer is "YES of course" sounding like it's a free seminar (Lunch buffet is at Circles Shangri-la). My friend learned a lot from the seminar & met other pinoy forex traders. 

Will he start trading forex? that's a different story, I'll be glad if he do but let's learn from how he put ACTION to an information and converting it to a real POWER!

This will inspire you to take action and convert those knowledge to REAL POWER!

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