Thursday, November 11, 2010

Earn money online as a Virtual Assistant

Filipino Personal Outsourcers Trump Indian Counterparts in World Market
August 4,2010
by Jomar Hilario

Big Companies like outsourcing because it saves on staffing and other costs. But do you know that best selling authors  like Tim Ferris' of the Four Hour Workweek Fame have personally outsourced their business and lives to Filipinos based in the Philippines?

The concept, originally made popular in Thomas Friedman's book "The World is Flat" used to be a totally Indian business. You email someone in India to write your book, create a poem, order pizza, create a report, create websites, create an apology letter to your wife for forgetting your anniversary - then order flowers for her.  

Now it's the Filipino Personal Outsourcer who's very very popular in the world market as leading suppliers of intelligent personal / virtual assistants (VA) to the world's top business people.  We're especially popular to the American business man as we actually understand things like "under the weather" and "barking up the wrong tree" - idioms that other cultures have a hard time understanding.

Witness American sites like which is devoted to evangelizing to top leaders in business that Filipino Virtual Assistants are the only option for them if they want to outsource personal and business matters.  There was even an under-the-radar meeting in Boracay earlier this year featuring 80 international business people : the topic: Hiring Filipino VAs.

So how does one tap into this lucrative market and become a VA?   To get into this business early, you can personally learn from a Filipino who's dealt with Virtual Assistants since 2006: Jomar Hilario. 

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